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Mercedes S-Class 300L W221

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Majestic, elegant and prestigious: Arrive for your wedding or gala event in chart-topping luxury with the Mercedes S300L without breaking the bank. The smooth lines from the front coupled with a bold rear differentiate the W221 from its more understated cousins, the E- and C-class sedans, anchoring it as the pinnacle luxury sedan in the Mercedes line.

🚘 Current Rate Card:

Chauffeured packages:

4 hours: $468

6 hours: $598

8 hours: $728

10 hours: $828

Chauffeured package rates are nett and include petrol, but exclude ERP and carpark charges, if any.

Just like our fleet, our Wunderful team of chauffeurs all arrive suave, suited, and impeccably groomed - the perfect bonus groomsman!

Terms and Deposit

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