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About Us

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Weddings and celebrations will always have a special place in our hearts. They should not be lines in a company’s income ledger but duly embraced as the most momentous days of people’s lives. At Wunder Rides, we provide cars and related services for these special occasions, and love to do our part to make them perfect - invoking memories of laughter, a golden glow, and a warm fuzziness garnished with the sweet purr of an engine, for many years beyond.

Wunder Rides was born in 2018 of a newlywed artist’s imagination and his love for cars. Just as true art drives on passion, accepts no compromise, observe the finest details, and transcends dollars and cents - so do these ethereal virtues embed themselves into our people and fleet.

With flawless reviews, top-notch cars, and service so heartfelt that countless customers have turned to friends, we deliver a passion for perfection that you’ll simply have to experience to believe. 


Wunder Rides: 
Driving life’s happiest days.

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