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Audi A5

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Our A5 Quattro is truly a unit to behold. S2 tuned to push close to 300bhp of raw power, kitted with Vorsteiner rims and front and rear splitters, anchored with the trademark sport black slick of the A5 (see pic 6 for profile emphasis), it stands out from all other A5s in aesthetics and power. Cruise in the perfect balance of class, sportiness, and luxury in this amazing ride for your wedding or special event.

🚘 Self-drive:

$258 per day (2 days and above)

$298 per day (single day)


Chauffeured packages:

4 hours: $428

6 hours: $528

8 hours: $628

10 hours: $728

Chauffeured package rates are nett and include petrol, but exclude ERP and carpark charges, if any.

Just like our fleet, our Wunderful team of chauffeurs all arrive suave, suited, and impeccably groomed - the perfect bonus groomsman!

Terms & Deposit

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