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Volkswagen 1300 Beetle

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We’ve finally taken the leap after years of popular demand - WR now presents Vintage! Truly needing no introduction, the Volkswagen 1300 Beetle probably iconizes vintage more that any other symbol on earth. If classic beats in your heart and you vibe the rustic hues of reminiscent cream for your once-in-a-lifetime or themed photoshoot: grab a shilling, hasten to that English telephone booth, and get in touch with us today!

🚘 Current Rate Card:


Chauffeured packages:

3 hours - $628

6 hours - $1088

8 hours - $1388



Chauffeured package rates are nett and include petrol, but exclude ERP and carpark charges, if any.


Just like our fleet, our Wunderful team of chauffeurs all arrive suave, suited, and impeccably groomed - the perfect bonus groomsman!

Terms and Deposit

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