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Mercedes CLS

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Behold the Mercedes CLS - the marque’s flagship full luxury coupé. A head turner wherever it goes, it is the S-Class equivalent of the popular CLA that simply exudes so much class, elegance, with a dash of sportiness and most of all - sheer exclusivity. Clad in Palladium Silver with a tribute aura to the Rolls Royce Phantom, wing your wedding like a total boss and get everyone going wow with this amazing ride that’s the one and only on Carousell!

🚘Current Rate Card:

Self-drive: $358 per day (2 days and above) $428 per day (single day)


Chauffeured packages:

4 hours: $568

6 hours: $668

8 hours: $768

10 hours: $868

Chauffeured package rates are nett and include petrol, but exclude ERP and carpark charges, if any.

Just like our fleet, our Wunderful team of chauffeurs all arrive suave, suited, and impeccably groomed - the perfect bonus groomsman!

Terms and Deposit

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