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Porsche Macan

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Luxury highriding at its latest: The new Macan, first released in SG only in 2022, and brand new on the WR fleet in Crayon White. The Porsche Macan is the dream SUV of many - now available for your special day! Contemporary, classy, sporty and extremely comfortable. Powerfully turbocharged and with revamped new front and rear fascia from the pioneering Macan model, it’s a car that truly exudes luxury wedding bliss with an aura of class and youth.

🚘 Current Rate Card:


Chauffeured packages:

4 hours: $628

6 hours: $828

8 hours: $1028

10 hours: $1228

Chauffeured package rates are nett and include petrol, but exclude ERP and carpark charges, if any.

Just like our fleet, our Wunderful team of chauffeurs all arrive suave, suited, and impeccably groomed - the perfect bonus groomsman!

Terms and Deposit

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