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  1. Minimum 21 years of Age and 1 year of Driving experience. (P-plates drivers are not eligible)

  2. Refundable deposit of $1000/- plus rental fees are due upon collection of vehicles. The refundable deposit will be refunded within 3 working days of the vehicle being returned in original condition.

  3. The WunderLite scheme is designed to reward customers with cost savings in exchange of flexibility on vehicle make & availability. All vehicles rented under the WunderLite scheme are subject to change of vehicle make & model at any time that the company requests.

  4. Renters that do not select the “I require a fixed timing” are obliged to return the vehicle to the company on request. If the recall notice is provided under 48hrs, the company shall make arrangements to collect or swap the vehicle at the renter’s location. If the recall notice is provided above 48hrs, the vehicle must be returned to the company’s location of choice.

  5. Renters that select “I require a premium car” option are still obliged to return/swap a vehicle that they are driving to the company on request. Where possible, the company shall endeavour to swap all premium recalls with vehicles in the premium category. Where this is not possible, the pro-rated difference in daily price between the premium and no-premium category shall be recorded and reissued to the renter in the form of credits.

  6. Within reasonable means, renters are obligated to return or swap vehicles with same petrol or battery levels at the point of collection.

  7. Vehicles are expected to be kept at a reasonable level of cleanliness.

  8. The excess applicable to vehicles on the WunderLite scheme are SGD$3000/- for insurance claims involving the hired vehicle only, with an additional SGD$3000/- for any insurance claims involving a third-party.

  9. Any vehicular damage rectification not involving an insurance assessment shall, above repair costs, incur loss of use fees during the period of repair equivalent to the subsidised rates under the WunderLite scheme.


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